Zip Zester

The ultimate zest machine

From $114.99

For the modern mixologist

It should look as good as it tastes

Bartenders, make room for the MIXOLOGIST. Creating unique cocktails has become a sensation in not only the commercial mix-drink world, but also the home's mini bar. The Zip Zester allows bars, socialities and party hosts to impress their friends and guests with cocktails and beverages of Vegas proportions! Utilize the 2 garnish blades to create limitless styles just like the pros!

Color, Class, Mixology 101 achieved!

For the gourmet chef

Taking recipes to the next level

"Gourmet" is in. A quick way to add fresh gourmet touch to any dish or drink is zest. It's no wonder the world's top chefs strive to incorporate the citrus spice to numerous menu items. Home cook enthusiasts are taking note, and millions across the globe can now rely on Zip Zester as the quickest way to produce 100% high quality zest.

No pith, all natural, gourmet flavor!

The best zest

It's all about the oils

When you use hand zesters, you strike the citrus. The strike collects bitter white pith, loses flavorful juices, and scrapes your knuckles. When you spin the Zip Zester, you gently slice the zest. The slice delivers flavor packed zest with speed.

No pith, no "ouch", maximum flavor!

Simple yet significant

Step 1
Start with this...

Step 2
Then do this...

Step 3
Then enjoy this...


Suction Base = Portability

Interchangeable Blades = Multi-function

Rod release = Speed

Blade options

Big Twist Blade
For a clean thick peel

Little Twist Blade
For a thin clean ribbon

For a finer zest

For clean strads of zest

The pros love it

"The Zip Zester is a must have for the gourmet enthusiast's kitchen."
-Tom Douglas

Tom Douglas has been recognized as a 4X James Beard Award winner, (the Oscars for the culinary world) and a winning contestant on Food Network's Iron Chef America. He owns 14 of Seattle's hottest food and dining establishments.


From $114.99